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   AABB Partnership
AABB advertisement Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation now displays a worldwide searchable map of cord blood banks that have AABB accreditation. Many members of the cord blood industry consider AABB to be the gold standard of accreditation.

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Ebola & Cord Blood Safety
The Cord Blood Association has issued interim guidelines for screening cord blood donors to prevent banking any donations that contain Ebola Virus. The concern is to prevent donation from a person who is infected with Ebola Virus but is not yet symptomatic. Public health agencies around the world have cooperated to update their guidelines for screening blood donors, whereas these guidelines apply to cord blood donors.
Shai's Story
Shai was a feisty little girl whose mother used her scientific background to search for the best approach to cure her cancer.  Shai narrowly escaped death many times, including a recovery that even her doctors considered a miracle, yet she died at dawn on the day that she would have begun kindergarten.  Her mother went on to found this website and charity in her memory.