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   Interview with Matt Farrow
Matthew Farrow & family 2015 Matt Farrow, the person who received the world's 1st cord blood transplant 27 years ago, has given Parent's Guide to Cord Blood an interview and has launched a new blog.    More >>
Cord Blood Association is ON-LINE
The Cord Blood Association (CBA) is a new trade and professional association for the cord blood industry. The CBA has adopted 5 priorities on the themes of Quality, Advocacy, Market, Research, and Education. The founding Board of Directors, led by Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg of Duke Medical Center & Geoffrey Crouse of Cord Blood Registry, comprises 13 members who represent 5 public banks, 1 hybrid bank, 3 family banks, and 4 individuals.
Visit them at www.cb-association.org.
Shai's Story
Shai was a feisty little girl whose mother used her scientific background to search for the best approach to cure her cancer.  Shai narrowly escaped death many times, including a recovery that even her doctors considered a miracle, yet she died at dawn on the day that she would have begun kindergarten.  Her mother went on to found this website and charity in her memory.